Digital Dove

6 Journeys: A Web Series

Six homeless youth tell stories of self-discovery set in California.

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We will be releasing a new film every Wednesday until February 28th


About this Series

Each of these films were made by a student taking part in a Digital Dove video production class at Covenant House California, a youth homeless shelter in Hollywood. Students were ages 18-21 and lived at the shelter for some period of time. The class was asked to make a film about a journey - either their own or about someone they knew - and it had to include characteristics of the journey genre: an emphasis on landscape, movement, and self-discovery. The resulting films were unique to their storyteller, but most shared a common characteristic - the prevalence of institutions. They reflect how these young people learned to navigate foster care, group homes, transitional living programs, juvenile halls, psychiatric treatment facilities and not-for-profit programs.

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The filmmakers want to know what surprised you, made you laugh or cry? How do these films make you think differently about homelessness? We are trying to generate online discussion, and we want you to react!